With its “Leading the Differentiation” perspective Humanica is a strategical bridge between the companies and employees also, it gives services in recruitment, periodic recruitment, evaluation center, outsource usage.

Humanica targets to meet the expectation of both companies and candidates. Moreover, it also targets to increase recruitment qualification and add value to companies’ work process. Humanica adopt all the services of recruitment as if it is its’ global social responsibility.


In all your open positions, Humanica with its professional team both for employers and employees besides it maintain saving of time, it finds you the right employee to add value to your company. For all appropriate candidates Humanica uses its’ own pool.

A lot of candidates want us to be with them in their career development due to our work experience in our area. Candidates can form resumes in Humanica’s web page and they can update their resumes. Thus, every time they can see proper job advertisements and apply to them.  Humanica also serves different opportunities to experts and managers under the favor of long years experiment on this field. Recruitment process which we carry out carefully, it is formed from one on one interview, personal inventory test and reference searches. By this means, not only candidates’ technical competences is researched but also personal and cultural suitability is researched too.

Online Career Coaching

Career Coaching: You are an employee who is newly graduated from university or just step into the business. To know yourself better, for widening your vision and you want to decide to be different from others. There will be lots of problems when you are planning your career. Humanica is always ready to give a professional support in this tough process. Our experienced career coaches make them to be aware of their personal competence and skills and always maintain to turn those skills into action.

Manager Coaching: Humanica gives professional coaching to the manager for reaching their targets both in their personal and business life. Humanica’s manager coaches aim to develop leadership skills, both increase the manager and his/her team performance and know him/herself and team better. Our manager coaches are being travel mate to the managers for using their knowledge and skills productively in this globalization world.

Mass Recruitment

Recruiting the similar qualified candidates, finding out candidates from Humanicas’ data base, interview with them and with evaluation center stations identifying their competence and skills, searching for their references and presenting the proper candidates to company, Humanica does all those processes neatly.

Evaluation Center

In today’s time assessment center application is the most reliable method in recruitment. Most fundamental purpose is; finding the right candidate for companies target, strategies, corporate identity culture and work competence.

Humanica runs the evaluation center service for the companies that want to be different from others with its potential employees. Simulations, personal inventories, games, presentations and case studies it identify the corporate needs. With the datas’ evaluations are done and competence based reports are maintained.

Personal Inventory

It assess the candidates with Humanica Human Personal Inventory for how much they are suitable for the job profile.

Our personal inventories are support with Gordon Training, Consulting Tools and Trecom Group, Know-How tests for directing your future career and maintain success in your thinking styles and personal profiles.

Outsource Usage

In today’s time outsource usage means; A company focuses on its’ fundamental competence and apart from those subjects it takes services from other companies. As Humanica, we will be appreciate to meet with all your needs in human resource area. We maintain right people without losing time and money, moreover help you to focus on your essential work in this recruitment process. Humanica has all this human resource and with its qualified consultants it is a strategical travel fellow in identifying your needs.

Our fundamental principal is customer satisfaction with our long year experience we are ready to serve all our global sources for your whole needs.

Job Advertisements

Prior condition is giving job advertisement for our customer according to their needs in individual and mass recruitment process.

For reaching the targets corporate needs to identify and with reciprocal trust and with support, project based study, advertisement process is started via career sites, newspaper advertisements etc.


Dismissal is a negative reality in person’s life. Humanica aims this situation to do properly and it outplaces the employee to another position. For this reason, we support the employee wit physiological support, interview techniques, cv writing or education and consultancy.

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