Humanica serves recruitment services in every level with its’ experienced team. Under the favor of pre-interview with candidates telephone interviews assessment center solution and competence based one on one interviews candidate expectation and needs are analyzed and with this analysis according to candidate competences and qualifications proper recruitment for them is fundamental principle of Humanica.

Besides filing our customer position need with our candidate data bank which is increasing day by day, we do the perfect matching for both the corporate and candidate. The fundamental philosophy of Humanica is; recommended experienced and qualified candidate to proper position.

Candidate happiness is our happiness. Humanica will be with in every step of recruitment process and trustworthy consultants Humanica is the right the name

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No jobs found

Seeking a job is the first step of your turning point in your life. How much you step strongly your success percentage increases according to that rate. Wishing you a job that you will be successful.

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    Career Coaching

    Whether you are a new graduated from university or you are a new employee who step on business life. You want to identify yourself, widen your vision and you want to design how to be different from others. There will be many problems when you are planning your career life. Humanica is ready to help you with its’ professional career coaches and support you in this tough process. Our experienced coaches maintain people to be aware of their competence and skills and they help them to create their route map for activating themselves in right time and right situation.

    Being Different When Seeking For a Job

    There isn’t a miracle formula   while you are seeking for an effective job however   there is a phrase “Becoming different” there are some advices below. There isn’t any hopelessness or dispiritedness. Just know how to wish.

    Prepare the materials that will support you. You should prepare a personal support kit while you are looking for a job. At least, this should include cv, personal career biography and business card. Besides, it can also include your career success list which you can discuss in your job interview. CV reflect all career details about you, biography gives general information to the reader about you and business cards show them how to contact you. Especially, a person who supports this process with behaviors and take the job seriously this three kit leave an accurate effect.

    Develop an Action Plan:

    Develop a comprehensive job career seeking plan and carry about it. This plan should include all the steps, people who you should meet, interviews which are for getting information, group meeting that you should attend, resource targets for career/work and job opportunities that you can do voluntarily.

    Be Ready For Formalities: 

    Being prepared for interview is crucial. When you have a time, you can prepare yourself to the possible interview questions that you might be asked during the interview.

    You Should Know Yourself:

    • What is the reason for being in business world? What are your skills that can be marketed?
    • What are your skills that you can transfer from one job to another?
    • What are your career success up to now?
    • What are your work place preferences?
    • What kind of a work place or people would you like to work?
    • What kind of work style do you like?

    If you can’t answer those questions, you may make a career assessment to yourself or you may ask for help from Humanicas Professional Career Consultant. Remember that seeking for a job is related with person him/herself. Be sure to be inside the process

    What Is Your Career Goal?

    According to a personal career evaluation, what kind of a job environment do you think that you are suitable for?

    • What kind of a job do you want?
    • How do you want to play a role?
    • What kind of an organization do you want to be part in?
    • What kind of advantages do you think to gain from this organization? (For example: Salary, extra incomes etc. )

    You should all preferences. You should use internet, career center resources and libraries. You should be clear and realistic. You may consult to people or your friends that work in those areas. Remember; if you don’t know where you go you cannot reach there.

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