Our company; makes individual and corporation needs analysis for our customers with sectorial and functionally specialized stuff. Besides, with “Know-How” that are current and updated all around the world also with solution partnerships who specialized in their own fields we adapted to those “Know-How” according to turkey’ s condition, in order you serve the right solution for your differansation.


  • Susceptible Leadership
  • Effective Leadership
  • Fundamental Managements Skills
  • Developing Coaching Skills
  • Being Teal Leader Like a Coach
  • Like a Coaching Approach in Strategical Leadership
  • Innovation Management
  • Management with Politics, Strategy and Goal Setting
  • Alteration Management
  • Team Leadership and Developing Motivation
  • Developing Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Meeting Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Creative Presentation Techniques
  • Reporting Techniques
  • Mentors Training
  • Strategical Planning
  • Personal Performance and Time Management
  • Performance Evaluation Techniques
  • Feedback Techniques
  • Training of Trainer
  • Understanding and Leading the Y Generation
  • Turning the Core into Jewelry
  • Financial Awareness Training for Non-Financials Managers


  • Strategical Human Resource Management
  • Performance Management
  • Business Law
  • Training Management
  • Wage Management
  • Evaluating the Performance
  • Career Management
  • Succession Management
  • Strategical Training Planning
  • Corporation Competence Analyze Identification Techniques
  • Social Security
  • Job Analyze Techniques and Execution
  • Competence-Based Interview Techniques
  • Occupational Health Safety
  • Corporate Communication Management


  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
  • Parenting Training
  • The Art of Coping with the Tough People
  • Emotional Intelligence and Motivation
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Reporting Techniques
  • Effective and Accurate Speaking
  • Utilization from Brain Power Techniques
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Communication on Telephone
  • Management Assistance
  • Conflict Management
  • Stress Management
  • Using the Body Language Effectively
  • Personal image In Business Life
  • Being Differentiate on “Me”
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Being Team Mate and Corporate Mate
  • Team Mate-Team Soul with Outdoor Execution
  • Meeting and Time Management
  • Strategical Thinking and Strategical Management
  • Corporate Coaching
  • 2nd and 3th Generation Training
  • Trends of Changing World
  • Communication and Susceptibility in Work Place
  • Always Be “One”
  • Priority Is Human
  • Imperishableness and Self – Confidence Behaviors


These training heading are for identifying the companies’ needs with pre-test

  • Developing “Tailor Made” Education for Companies
  • Developing The Companies’ Employees and Managers Competence
  • Comprising of Outdoor Activities and Atelier Practices
  • Supporting with Guest Speakers
  • Including Different and Various Training Subjects

*Moreover, with updated test and evaluation center application, programs activity is measured.


  • Collective Leadership in Management Certificate Program
  • Human Resource Specialist Certificate Program
  • Foreign Trade and logistic Certificate Program
  • Labor and Social Security Specialist
  • Foreign Trade Specialist with E-Trade Support


  • Customer oriented Marketing and Advance Selling Techniques
  • Basic Marketing Management
  • Customer Relationship and Management
  • Strategical Marketing Management
  • Effective Communication in a successful Selling
  • Customer Oriented Basic Selling Techniques
  • Market Searching and Development Techniques
  • Market Planning and Budget Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Negotiation Techniques
  • International Trading Contracts
  • E-Trade
  • Successful Selling in Merchandizing
  • Professional Selling on the Phone
  • Collection on the Phone
  • Channel Marketing and Dealer Management
  • Competitive Selling Strategies
  • Financial Awareness for Selling Professionals
  • New Phycology of Selling


  • Budgeting and Control Techniques
  • Alternative Financial Techniques
  • Foreign Trade Finance
  • Financial Analyze Applications
  • Financial Table Analyze and Reporting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial, Trading, Executive Perspective of SMA
  • Mergers
  • Derivate Markets and Its Process
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Project Finance
  • Purchasing Management
  • Logistic and Purchasing Chain Management
  • Stock and Control Management


Please, after you fill the necessary areas, mark the education that you wanted to be informed.


    Susceptible LeadershipEffective LeadershipFundamental Managements SkillsDeveloping Coaching SkillsBeing Teal Leader Like a CoachLike a Coaching Approach in Strategical LeadershipInnovation ManagementManagement with Politics, Strategy and Goal SettingAlteration ManagementTeam Leadership and Developing MotivationDeveloping Effective Negotiation SkillsMeeting ManagementRisk AnalysisCreative Presentation TechniquesReporting TechniquesMentors TrainingStrategical PlanningPersonal Performance and Time ManagementPerformance Evaluation TechniquesFeedback TechniquesTraining of TrainerUnderstanding and Leading the Y GenerationTurning the Core into JewelryFinancial Awareness Training for Non-Financials Managers


    Strategical Human Resource ManagementPerformance ManagementBusiness LawTraining ManagementWage ManagementEvaluating the PerformanceCareer ManagementSuccession ManagementStrategical Training PlanningCorporation Competence Analyze Identification TechniquesSocial SecurityJob Analyze Techniques and ExecutionCompetence-Based Interview TechniquesOccupational Health SafetyCorporate Communication Management


    Problem Solving and Decision Making TechniquesParenting TrainingThe Art of Coping with the Tough PeopleEmotional Intelligence and MotivationEffective Presentation SkillsReporting TechniquesEffective and Accurate SpeakingUtilization from Brain Power TechniquesNegotiation SkillsEffective Communication on TelephoneManagement AssistanceConflict ManagementStress ManagementUsing the Body Language EffectivelyPersonal image In Business LifeBeing Differentiate on MeGuest SatisfactionCustomer SatisfactionBeing Team Mate and Corporate MateTeam Mate-Team Soul with Outdoor ExecutionMeeting and Time ManagementStrategical Thinking and Strategical ManagementCorporate Coaching2nd and 3th Generation TrainingTrends of Changing WorldCommunication and Susceptibility in Work PlaceAlways Be OnePriority Is HumanImperishableness and Self – Confidence Behaviors


    Collective Leadership in Management Certificate ProgramHuman Resource Specialist Certificate ProgramForeign Trade and logistic Certificate ProgramLabor and Social Security SpecialistForeign Trade Specialist with E-Trade Support


    Customer oriented Marketing and Advance Selling TechniquesBasic Marketing ManagementCustomer Relationship and ManagementStrategical Marketing ManagementEffective Communication in a successful SellingCustomer Oriented Basic Selling TechniquesMarket Searching and Development TechniquesMarket Planning and Budget ManagementInternational Marketing ManagementInternational Negotiation TechniquesInternational Trading ContractsE-TradeSuccessful Selling in MerchandizingProfessional Selling on the PhoneCollection on the PhoneChannel Marketing and Dealer ManagementCompetitive Selling StrategiesFinancial Awareness for Selling ProfessionalsNew Phycology of Selling


    Budgeting and Control TechniquesAlternative Financial TechniquesForeign Trade FinanceFinancial Analyze ApplicationsFinancial Table Analyze and ReportingCost AccountingFinancial, Trading, Executive Perspective of SMAMergersDerivate Markets and Its ProcessInternational Financial Reporting StandardsProject FinancePurchasing ManagementLogistic and Purchasing Chain ManagementStock and Control Management


    “Approach That Mirrors to the Leadership”

    Collective Leadership Program which turns the ores into jewelry, improve the management skills.

    Leader on the Mirror

    This is a self-knowledge module for leader managers. It targets you to discover yourself and it hold a mirror to you. It increases the self-awareness, versatile relation, create benefit and difference, strategical thinking and maintain personal branding in leadership.

    Mirror of a Leader

    It maintain the different perspective of relationship with the leader him/herself, employees, environment and generations. This will lead the differences and develop the leadership competence. This module holds a mirror to the others and shows how to alter potential to performance and bring up second man.

    Art of Coaching in Leadership

    Thinking that every employee is an ore, with using the coaching approach professionally for provoking them, reveal their secret potential, it maintain to convert ores to jewelries. Coaching like leadership perspective will be interiorized.

    Coach Leader of “We” Ship

    To be Ubuntu: “I, When I am we” It is aimed to create high performer teams with the “I, when I am we” perspective increasing the workers loyalty and activity. To the leader who is team coach, this bring to individual leadership to collective leadership perspective and collective success.

    Extra Acquisition on This Program

    • Competence development and cooperativeness of the program will be assessed with “first-test last- test” application
    • Throughout the program article and book recommendations will be shared
    • Action plans and homework will be given
    • Personality Inventory will be given to each attendants
    • Astro Career Map” will be applied to every attendant
    • One month after the programe ½ days’ workshop and evaluation program will be given to all attendants
    • Individual development plan will be done for every attendant
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