Humanica bring to a new perspective for individual and corporate differentiation with its’ solution partners about Education – Management Consultancy, Outsource Usage, Certificate Programs and Recruitment. It brings with “Leading the Differentiation” slogan.

Our company gives high level qualified services to both individuals and corporates. These services are given from Istanbul, Denizli, Izmir, Antalya and Toronto offices and spread throughout the Turkey.

Our company does our customer corporate need analyze and with our qualified solution partners, we imply the updated “Know-How” to your corporate for presenting the right solutions in differentiation. Moreover, Recruitment, Periodic Recruitment, Outsourcing, Human Resource Consultancy services.

We create alterations to the cooperation and individuals who want to be different in this alteration century. Moreover, we want to be a brand which make the society happy.

We create awareness in both individuals and cooperation who want to increase their life quality. With a strong “Know-How” we adapt this to their corporate and personal culture, we turn their potential into performance provide them to become different and produce strategical extent service.


  • We are the strategical fellow traveler whose entity is the reason of our entity.
  • With using theory and practice we serve different solutions which has an effect “WOW!”
  • We do our job as “Tailor-made” both for individuals and cooperation.
  • We start from the existing state, focus on where wanted to be, care about the sustainability exact and clear information sharing we work in ethic rules.

The Way We Work


Our Brands

Why Humanica?

We have expert staff in data analysis.

We give importance to talent transfer.

We have strategical partnerships with both national and international companies.

We focus on execution.

We maintain you to control your time and ban overloading.

We are your travel fellow.

We work “boutique” with every cooperation culture./p>

We increase your cooperation activity and productivity.

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